Our Properties


  • Kings Bay Sav-a-lot

    • Location:         

      US 19 and Kings Bay Drive


      Community Strip Shopping Center

      Anchor Tenants: Sav-a-lot, Big Lots, West Coast Marine, Florida Sherriff's Youth Ranch Thrift & Sporting Health Club

      Space(s) Available:

      10,800 Sq. Ft. Jr. Anchor
    • 10,000 Sq. Ft. Jr. Anchor
      1,600 sq ft retail
      3,200 sq ft former bank/retail

      Out Parcels:         Wendy's



      3 miles 13,208; 5 miles 20,668; 10 miles 57,094 - Median income $31,624


      Premier property in market. Excellent exposure to market on primary highway.






  • Brochure cover

    Homosassa Square Flyer (PDF File)


    • Former SweetBay Grocery - 45,060 Sq Ft
    • Jr. Anchor - 11,000 Sq Ft
    • Reail - 2,600 Sq Ft
    • Office/Retail 2,710 Sq Ft.

    Boyette Flyer (PDF)


    Available Space:

    • 1,008 Sq Ft Office
    • 5,000 Sq Ft Office Building
    • 6,000 Sq Ft Office Building


     FL (PDF)

  • StreetSide at Madison 1-4-2011004









  • florid2






    • Location: S. Frontage Road (I-20) and Plaza Drive
      Description: Community Strip Shopping Center

      Anchor Tenants: Big Lots, Cowboy Maloney's Electric City, Tractor Supply Company

      Tenants: Tanning, Beauty Salon, FitZone, Asian Fuji

      Space(s) Available:
    • 12,700 sq. ft. Jr. Anchor
    • 13,480 sq. ft. Jr. Anchor

      Out Parcels: Available Restaurant, 1 acre Out Parcel

      Demographics: population 64,821 ....Median income $16,850

      Notes: Next to new Home Depot.  Excellent interstate visibility. Unique and active retail market partly due to River Boat Gaming.
  • Crossgates





    Location: US 80 and Woodgate Drive off of I-20

    Description: Community Strip Shopping Center

    Anchor Tenants: Piggly Wiggly, Dollar Tree, Sears, Tuesday Morning & Clearwater Pools

    Tenants: Cspire Wireless, CitiFinancial, California Concepts, Total Tan, Super Cleaners, Factory Outlet, Dragon Palace, Packaging Plus, Sideline Electronics, Daylight Donuts, KaSha Salon

    Space(s) Available:

    Out Parcels: Burger King, Regions Bank

    Demographics: population 3 miles - 17,962 / 5 miles - 38,124/ 10 miles - 148,804 ....Median income $50,646

    Notes: With a 14% growth rate to over 102,000 residents, Brandon is one of the fastest growing suburbs of greater Jackson.

  • Country Club





    Location: County Line Road and Old Canton Road, 1 mile east of North Park Mall (North Jackson, MS)

    Description: Community Strip Shopping Center

    Anchor Tenants: Hancock Fabrics, Pinnacle (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

    Tenants: Nail Salon, Mediterranean Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Tobacco, Liquor, Latin Grocery, Cash Advance.

    Space(s) Available: 10,000 > 22,783 Sq Ft. Call Center - fully furnished with data lines/RETAIL

    Demographics: population 3 miles - 39,428 / 5 miles - 76,919/ 10 miles - 119,158 ....Median income $51,757

    Notes:  Redeveloped in  2002. Centrally located in highest income, highest density and best retail market in Jackson MSA.

    Mixed Use - Includes 52,720 square feet of office space.

  • northwestground1202Location: Highway 15 North & W. 20th Street

    Description: Community Strip Shopping Center

    Anchor Tenants: Aaron Rents, Big Lots, Burke's Outlet, Dollar General & Rite Aid

    Tenants: Allied Fashions, Video Store, Chinese Buffet,  Sweet Peppers Buffet

    Space(s) Available: 

    • 11,000 Sq. Ft. Jr. Anchor END CAP
    • 7,600 Sq Ft. Restaurant

    Out Parcels: None

    Demographics: population: 3 mile 19,579; 5 mile 29,188; 10 mile 50,058....Median income $33,267

    Notes: Renovated in 2004. Prime anchor location in core of retail market. Across the street from Super Wal-mart.


  • crowley - 10-14 1


    Location:  Parkerson Drive (LA 13) and SR 1111, Crolwey,LS


    Community Strip Shopping Center

    Anchor Tenants:

    Winn Dixie, Dollar Tree, Rite Aid, Aaron's Rents/Rimco


    Cato/Cato Plus, Verizon Wireless, 1st Franklin Financial, Fantastic Sam's, Cox Cable, Express Check

    Space(s) Available:

    • 2014 N Parkerson - 4,500 Sq Ft
    • 2010 N Parkerson - 2,800 Sq Ft
    • 209 E Park - 2,890 Sq Ft
    • 207 E Park - 1,500 Sq Ft

    Out Parcels:

    McDonald's, Available (Former Popeyes)


    population 3 miles - 16,591 / 5 miles - 18625/ 10 miles - 36,210 ....................... Median income $17,123


    Renovated in 1998, Premier property in market.



    Town & Country groundLocation: Fronting on S. Lewis betweenSt. Peter & Main Streets

    Description: Neighborhood Strip Shopping Center

    Anchor Tenants: Winn Dixie & Rite Aid

    Tenants: Baskin Robbins, Verizon Wireless, Papa John's Pizza, 1st Federal Finance, Edward Jones

    Space(s) Available:

    • 2,100 Sq Ft Retail/office

    Out Parcels: Popeye's, Movie Gallery, Hong Kong Buffet, Papa John's Pizza

    Demographics: population 3 miles 38,322; 5 miles 44,774; 10 miles 74,837....Median income $21,430

    Notes: Recently renovated shopping center in heart of market that has been identified as a new MSA in the year 2000


  • Pinebrook





    Location: LA Highway 28 and Edgewood Drive

    Description: Neighborhood Strip Shopping Center

    Anchor Tenants: SUPER ONE & SEARS HOME STORE

    Tenants: Walk-in Medical, AT&T Wireless, American General, Nail Salon, H&R Block, Fantastic Sams, Chinese Restaurant, State Farm Insurance, Check Cashing.

    Space(s) Available: 1,200  sq ft

    Out Parcels: CVS , Sonic

    Demographics: population 64,821 ....Median income $16,850

    Notes: High volume retail traffic with excellent visibility on a major State highway.

  • Wilshire




    Location: College Street (Frontage Road I-210) and 5th Avenue

    Description: Neighborhood Strip Shopping Center

    Anchor Tenants: Dammon's Beauty School

    Tenants: Space(s) Available:           

    4 - 1,200 Sq. Ft. Retail Spaces

    22,700 Sq. Ft Retail Space

    15,000 Sq. Ft. Retail end cap with interstate visibility

    Out Parcels: None

    Demographics: population: 1 mile 10,415; 3 miles 55,110; 5 miles 83,661....Median income $28,165

    Notes: Excellent interstate visibility.